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Public Bus to Qufu

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Today Barbara, Rebecca and I caught the Bus to Qufu.

Now buses in China are one of the best means of getting around. Services are extensive, main roads are good and bus journeys are often quicker than train travel. Another plus is that it is easier to secure a bus ticket and they are cheaper than train tickets.

Now the down side. They are cramped and noisy with Chinese films on overhead TV's and 3D sound. And the driver leans on the horn at the slightest detection of a vehicle or person in front.

So this morning the bus was due to depart at 9.30 am or so the schedule says, however the driver crams as many fares as is possible and waits to fill up before departing. The bus finally departs jam-packed at 10.10 am. We were fortunate that we had a seat. Those standing in the aisles had 1.5 hour stand.

We approach a toll gate and the bus stops about 150 m before the gate. All those "illegal passengers" that are standing have to get off the bus and walk through the toll gate. Of course we as foreigners are surprised. On the other side of the toll were the Police. We go through the toll and about 150M past the police car and wait for our "illegal passengers" to re- board the bus.

Well we were laughing as we thought that this was rather amusing. The "illegal passengers" just got back on like this was a normal occurrence.

As they say "This is China."

Posted by Bettinamc 05.04.2008 04:41 Archived in China

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This sounds like a movie script for James Bond 707 just remember tobe always be early and get a seat or walk the magic carpet. Its great to see how the other half live who being educated here.

05.04.2008 by betty044

Very funny. I would definitely be there early. The smell would be horrendous. Good to see Betty listened carefully and took great notes. Good student, your Mum. Take Care of You.

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

Not so much cheek from tracieshe or Maurice will give her a very,very,hot currie for lunch. Photo great, I am collecting, Love from all.

06.04.2008 by betty044

Beety044 has made an exellant point. i would never want to upset maurice, he feeds me.

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

I'm normally early, but here it doesn't matter, cause nothing runs to a timetable! I'm hoping that if I am ever unlucky to be standing that someone will take pity on the foreigner. They don't smell. Yes Mum is a little slow on the uptake but when she knows how to use it, all is good. Tracie you might need to ask uncle Ron about the Hot curries. No don't get on the wrong side of Maurice or he will just right you off!

06.04.2008 by Bettinamc

thanks for the tips sure they will come in handy. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time, but I thought you were suppose to be working!!

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

This is working. This is my fourth week here and by 4.10 this afternoon I would have worked 41 hours! Not sure how I will ever cope again in the western world. Today my first class was at 10.05. I got out of bed at 9.20!

06.04.2008 by Bettinamc

How do you manage? The stress must be terrible! You are making it more and more attractive everyday.

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

No stress here. I can understand why people come for a few months and stay a lifetime.

06.04.2008 by Bettinamc

God, don't out that on blog, your mother will have a heart attack and Maurice will send you curry. although with you getting the curry, keeps the heat off me, literally.

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

LOL! No Mum will be good. I don't mind Maurice's hot curries

06.04.2008 by Bettinamc

hehe. Got there on Saturday and Maurice made me lunch and then said "we've got jobs for you". LOL

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

You did it well now I can get all the dirt of you. Bettina 41 hours in 4 weeks they will have a mass exit from Bendigo no more stress - trips to the mountains, May holidays - beach - only draw back at present is the cold, but who care hey.

06.04.2008 by betty044

Dirt! what dirt, this niece of yours is crystal clean. Perfect, really. got two new contacts by the way.

06.04.2008 by tracieshe

Tracie, that sounds so familiar. Maurice will always find me jobs when I go over. Normally though they are finance related.

07.04.2008 by Bettinamc

Mum, It's getting warmer here. Today was a low of 14 and a high of 22. Almost the same as in Brisbane

07.04.2008 by Bettinamc

Mum, I'm sure Tracie would survive in China. Not sure how she will go with the spitting though.

07.04.2008 by Bettinamc

You should be glad being short you never have to appear grow'n up the boys always come to your aid - remember your such a girl!

08.04.2008 by betty044

I've been waiting to find out about your adventures when you arrived at your destination that day!

10.04.2008 by Aussi Di

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