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The VegetableMarkets

sunny -1 °C

I love going to the vegetable markets. The traders are so friendly and happy to sell you their produce. If it is not the best they tell you not to buy. The Chinese race are very honest!

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sunny -19 °C

It is freezing. The temperature has dropped to - 26 degrees! I do not enjoy the cold. I've never lived in such cold conditions and I don't like it.

I choose to stay indoors for most of the day. You will never see me out of bed before 7.30 because the sun hasn't risen and rarely will you see me outside after 5 pm. This is when the sun has gone to bed.

I sit with my heaters on, a hot water bottle and layers of thermals. I get into my bed which has 2 doonahs and a blanket. I sleep well.

I wish the heaters were efficient. I was told I would be able to walk around my apartment in summer clothing. They are not as warming as I would like. Some days I don't seem to be able to get warm.

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New Years Eve

-17 °C

New Years eve was celebrated with dinner at the Ramada. We enjoyed a great meal and camaraderie at the Ramada with some foreign friends. Some of us returned to the campus and others (A, B & B) went on to continue the celebrations at the Salsa Bar where we also meet up with some Chinese friends.

It was great. Blair decided that drinking was better than dancing. The rest of us had a boogie or two. Andrew loves to dance. He has taken professional dancing lessons. This is how he meet his wife.

The Salsa Bar has recently opened. It was cool! It cost the boys Y30 each to get in but with that they got 4 free beers. It was loud! It also had a suspended dance floor. We had heaps of fun. I became everyone's wife or girlfriend to get rid of Chinese men. We got home at about 2.30 ish.

I have spent almost 10 months trying to locate a bar. Finally there is one in Tai'an. The dance floor is suspended and you bounce whether you like it or not. The music is way too loud or maybe I am just getting old!

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The Trees

sunny -1 °C

The Chinese people are devoted to the many gardens that are in and around the cities and towns. The street scapes are extraordinary. One thing I find fascinating is the care of trees. The trees are stabilized with bamboo or timber frames. Some trees are roped. Others are painted. I am told the tree is roped to make it tree stronger and force the growth upwards. They are painted to keep them warm in the cold winter and snow.

I have never heard of this practice anywhere else before.

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Bus Travel

sunny -1 °C

The buses are always packed. Standing room only. No limit on the numbers on a bus here. Pack them in. Tightly. Hang on to your purse. Pickpockets find these times easy pickings.

If the bus is packed I just wait for the next one. They are like Chinese people - another one will pass in a moment!

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