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Shopping is a favourite pastime to the Chinese. Shopping is what friends do together.

The city shopping areas are busy. During National Holidays is when many sales are held. The shopping frenzy that Chinese people seem to participate in is quite amazing. It is hard to register that much of the world think that China is more third world. .

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Train Travel

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The system in China here is that you wait in the "waiting hall" until just before your train is due, when they will open two gates and you get your ticket checked and then go to the platform and line up where your carriage number is due to stop.

Always when you get on there is someone else sitting in "your" seat. Many people don't buy tickets for seats, and just hope that a "vacant" seat is available.

There is so much activity on the train - so many people shouting, phones ringing, children shrieking and so forth. It is rather fun, but tiring after a while.

Someone will always want to know where you are going and then they will wan to help you. It is hilarious. Old people, young people, everyone - adding their thoughts to the discussion.

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Chinese National Holiday

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The National Day of China is held on October 1st each year. The PRC had its beginnings on October 1st, 1949 and is celebrated with a holiday of one week. I love they way the Chinese celebrate occasions on a weekly basis not just a day off as we do in Oz. The students go home and the campus is very quiet.

Normally I would travel but it is the last week Barbara is in Tai'an so I chose to hang around here to spend some time with Barbara before she leaves.

National Day is celebrated throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau with a number of government sponsored festivities. There are lots of fireworks!

The school has given us no information about the festivities.

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Mid Autumn Festival

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This weekend in China it is the celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival, with a public holiday on Monday September 15th. It is sometimes referred to as the Mooncake Festival as wonderful packages of moon cakes are given as gifts at this time of year.

Well it is a public holiday for some. We had class! The Chinese teachers I believe were given Mooncakes.

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There are so many examples you forget. I wish I was smart enough to write them down. Here are some messages I have received on my mobile:

From a guy who works at the gym - I have to abdicated the gym. I am finding a new job.

From a student - Give you the room and hoop you get warmth in winter

Chinese Friend sending a message because I am sick - As I got off the phone, I feel a little bad. I should want to say sth to you, but I can't exactly express me meaning. I want to say that although you are here out of your homeland, but being here not means you just for job and feel longly. You should also see that you also have friends here and we all concern on you. When I hear you getting a bad headache, I worryed about you very much, and when u need help, I can serve any aid of you, Wish you getting on well soon!

Chinese Valentines Day - Hello! Do you have know me. Tomorrow is Chinese lover's day. So good luck for you!

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