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My first Chinese Christmas Party

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I attended my first Chinese Christmas Party on the 06 December 09. The party was held by Mr Jeff. Jeff is an American who is teaching at the Medical University.

It was certainly a multicultural event. The different races there were - American, Australian, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Canadian and South African. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

It was a great party. Jeff had purchased gifts for the children, Roses for the ladies and beer for the men. I guess ladies aren't meant to drink beer.

We laughed, danced and drank up until 10.59 pm. In China all guests must be gone by 11pm. It was at this time I realised I was old. I went home whilst some others went out to party!

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Banking in China

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Being an ex banker I take notice of the banks in China.

We think that in Qld it is a tough market. I think in China it is a tougher market. Every province has their own Bank, Co-op or credit union. The number of banks is amazing.

The local Bank of China operates in this small town 7 days a week from 8am - 6pm.

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China Newspaper

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I've made the paper!

I'm willing to try any form of natural therapy. My latest is Acupuncture. The acupuncturist in his Chinglish showed me some articles he has written for the paper. He told me that he was writing another article and could he take a photo with me for the article. I agreed.

The article appeared in the paper on 31/10/08. Can't read a word of it, but you can clearly see that it is me in the photo.

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Kids expelled

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I noticed that some of my classes had shrunk. I didn't know if the students were truant. Not ever going to be able to know every single student by name I have name cards. I called a student only to be told he has gone home, the next student I had the same response.

I was later to find out that they had been sent home never to return for drinking. This is a tough call. In China there is no legal drinking age limit, however the school has a no drinking policy. But most of these students are between 18 and 25.

I really do not my thoughts on this.

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Card replacement

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Having been a banker I know the process for card replacements in Australia. In China though it is a whole new experience.

First you must report the card stolen and withdrawal all the money. Two days later you go back to order a new card. A week later you go an pick up the card. Now these cards are not like our cards they are pre-printed.

So tomorrow I will finally have a replacement card after 10 days without a card.

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