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The Tailor

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I found a tailor. They are no different to the tailors in Thailand or Vietnam. They make clothes with no pattern. I can't sew a button so I find this quite extraordinary.

The tailor is in a little. The shop is filled with lots of fabric depending on the season.

How does it work?

Firstly you find the design you want. You can bring a picture from a magazine, draw it yourself or take an exiting item to be copied. You then select your fabric and then negotiate the price. There is some room for bartering, but it is so cheap I accept the price.

Then the tailor gets out her tape measure and measures you. This is written down. The price is settled and a deposit is requested. I normally pay in full, however on one occasion I didn't have enough money with me so I paid what I had on me and the rest would be paid on collection. Normally they request 50% of the cost as a deposit.

It normally takes a week. A receipt with details of the order, collection date and the deposit paid is provided.

When you return the garment is usually hanging from a rack dangling from the ceiling - and with a hook it is located. It's placed in a bag and off your go with your new item/s to add to the wardrobe.

Mostly I have been satisfied, however, I've had to go back for further alterations on some items.

I have only used the one tailor in Tai'an. After my first order I took another teacher with me who ordered some items. Another teacher arrived and I have also taken her to the same tailor. I should be on commission!!

I have at one time purchased corduroy and taken the material to the tailor to have a pair of pants made. I would like to have another suit made before I go home. Time is quickly running out!

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Spitting and smoking

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Few women smoke in China. I find it very uncomfortable in restaurants, in elevators and in the taxi when the cigarette is lit up and I have to endure a gulf of smoke. Strangely there is a sign in taxis that smoking is forbidden, but that appears to exclude the driver!!!!

The gym I go to there are several Chinese Men who light up between sets. There is one man in particular who when he comes near me he puts his smoke out. Even through the language barrier who got the hint!

Some of the Chinese do not like the spitting. Others will spit in the classroom. This I do not tolerate.

Some Chinese don't like the disrespect for other peoples property. They acknowledge that there is a problem with rubbish and pollution. Of course there are waste bins everywhere, but many Chinese people just throw their stuff on the ground. It astounds me. No keep China beautiful slogan here!

I hope that the students now understand some of the things that their country needs to change.

I have recently learnt that maintenance work done by plumbers and electricians are not trained. Anyone can do it. You just have to give it a go! This explains why there is such a huge problem with plumbing. I don't know how many times I have asked for my plumbing to be fixed and I still have a toilet that runs all hours and a shower that leaks. I have some water leak in my kitchen but no one can figure out where it is from. It only started when the heat was turned on.

There are many opportunities for the Chinese people to be trained, for education on pollution, spitting, for education on maintenance and so on.

A lot of people are highly critical of some aspects of life in China and there are days I am extremely frustrated about it, however, this country has had challenges that no other country has faced, and I think they are doing a great job.

I look forward to watching China develop.

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The Chinese table manners would offend most people I associate with. Eating with the Chinese can take a little getting used to. They spit their bones and other wanted food onto the table. It is quite acceptable in China and is done in most restaurants! Of course I find it quite appalling. The loud eating of food - munch, munch, crunch, crunch with the mouth open would see my brother on the first plane out of her. Sometimes it really is like eating with children.

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Time Flies

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This week is my last week of classes. I have been showing DVD's and playing Music.

Because they are my last classes I have not used the DVD'ss or music as I would normally do in English class, but there is Chinese subtitles and English dialogue on the DVD's and the music is the music that they like and I provide the lyrics.

There are some sad farewells too. I have some great students and I will miss them. But as I tell them they are only a text message or SMS away.

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The Meat Market

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The meat markets will make most people cringe. It certainly does make me cringe but I've learnt to look the other way. Most people know that in Asia many foods are eaten that we in the west would find too difficult to eat.

In China we also know that the Chinese people will eat anything. I guess when there are 1.3 B people to feed and poverty and starvation has played a huge role in their 5000 year history, that this is more a case of reality and not choice. Their taste buds and sensitivities are different to ours.

We are horrified about dog meat. The Chinese are shocked at our reaction to the thought of eating dog meat. I am keen to report that it isn't the household pet that is eaten but dogs which are specially bred for this purpose. Dog meat is a delicacy.

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