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January 2009

The Agriculture University Tea House

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Andrew, Blair and I went to the Agriculture University to Jason's tea lab. It was so interesting. We were there 3 hours before we had even realised.

Anyway at the tea lab the professor said that you can't have a tea lab with out having a tea house. So the professor paid to deck out the tea house. It looks fantastic and is very welcoming. We sat in there and drank tea. We had the whole tea process shown to us.

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Hanging with Maggie

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Today Maggie took me to the park at the base of the mountain. We had a lovely time strolling around except it was freezing. After the park we went to the porridge restaurant for dinner.

I wish I had spent more time with Maggie. It is always a challenging situation. We are visitors they still have their normal life. I guess I really never realised how often Maggie's husband was away and how she spent most of her time by herself. if I knew that I would have contacted her to do things together.

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Blair's Birthday

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It was Blair's 55th Birthday today! We had arranged to go for dinner at the East Lake Restaurant. There was Blair, Andrew, Cameroon Mike, Polly, Alice and me! Dinner was great with a lot of laughs and a bit of sport. Expected when Blair and Andrew are together!

After dinner I suggested we go to the Salsa Bar. Blair had said earlier he didn't want to go because it is too loud. After a couple of bottles of beer he was all for it!

We all headed to the Salsa bar except for Polly. We danced and drank until 1 am when we made the chilly departure to leave.

Tucked in bed by 1.30 am. Another great night had!

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Spring Festival

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Well this is what the Chinese call it but we would know it as Chinese New Year. The Chinese love festivals and one of their most popular festivals is the Spring Festival.

This year the Chinese New Year falls on the 26 January 2009. It will be the year of the Ox. Chinese New Year starts on the first day of the first month in the lunar calendar. Many people take a week off work. This is China's biggest holiday.

Since boxing day the stores have been transformed and in the supermarkets there are great displays of food and gift items.

Just near the checkouts are huge piles of cartons of items ready to be put on shelves - as soon as the shelves are cleared, they are filled up again.

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It amazes me how the Chinese prepare their food.

There are the pineapples which are presented with the head in tact and the pineapple with all the little eyes cut out.
The baked sweet potato cooked inside some heating contraption and served in a plastic bag.
The Chinese hamburger.
Popcorn is cooked in this strange contraption. It is hard to explain how it actually works but the first time you hear it explode you wonder if you need to duck for cover as the country is being bombed!

I'm sure I will think of other things to add to the list over time.

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