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June 2008

Hit and Run

sunny 32 °C

Well it had to happen! Today on my walk to the gym I was hit be a motorcyclist and I was on the footpath.

Normally on the footpath I'm not too concerned with the traffic and tend to be off guard. I was day dreaming and looking around to see what scenery had changed overnight, because believe me it does and I was hit by a motor bike.

Now I'm unsure of what she was doing but I remember my leg being hit and me trying to make sure she didn't drop her bike. I am grabbing her to an upright position. As soon as she was upright she took off. Didn't wait to see if the foreigner was OK!

Anyway I was almost at the gym so I waited until I got there to check out my injuries. A bit of bark missing but all is good!

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Body Hair

overcast 28 °C

Yes, rather a strange topic to blog about. However I wax. I thought people all over the world waxed. Well not in China.

The Chinese have no body hair!

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Children's Day

sunny 42 °C

Recently in my class we were discussing the various events that each country celebrates each year. I got the normal, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc and then I got Children's Day. Which I responded with, "No, everyday is Children's Day." I was soon corrected by my students. In China they celebrate Children's Day and it was on the following Saturday.

There were celebrations held in the streets for the whole day. Due to the One Child Policy, children in China are perhaps a little spoilt. If the parents work, which of course most have to, the children are normally cared for by the Grandparents.

These children are well cared for and in most cases the centre of the universe to that family. On children's day the children receive gifts and have parties were the relatives get together to spoil the child a little more!

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sunny 36 °C

It is surprising how flowers are so popular. For a poor developing country where people must watch there $ I find it interesting that there are many florist shops and they always seem to be busy.

The corporate flower displays are very obvious. As are the flowers used in the opening of an envelope. When a new business opens there are always free standing flower arrangements. The custom is that friends, family and business acquaintances send you these arrangements and the more that you receive the more successful your business will be.

For special events there is an amazing quantity of flowers. I don't know where they could all possible come from. At the school's 50th birthday celebration they were everywhere although I think they would have been worthless after the event due to the rain.

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sunny 9 °C

What a wonderful world we live in. Here I am miles away from my family and friends and yet in easy regular contact. I had one friend say, "I feel like you are just around the corner, the only difference is I can't come and visit."

I have my Australian mobile phone which although has international roaming it doesn't cover China! I have since bought a Chinese mobile which I mainly use to text or if I have no other means I will use it to call home. It is still relatively cheap.

I have SKYPE and can speak to family and friends by my computer. I will soon have a video cam and you will be able to see me on your computer.

I also have an Australian phone number where you can reach me at the cost of a local call.

I of course have email were I am in regular contact.

I have this blog address where you can read my daily experiences. That is of course when I'm not too busy, (Uuummhhh) lazy, to update.

I also read the Courier mail online so I know what is happening at home.

So with all this technology I can keep up to date with what is happening at home and you can keep in contact with me. Quite amazing really.

If you want any further information about any of these facilities/services email me and I will give you the details.

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